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Instant Notification

Connect directly with each customer and notify them as to when their next payment needs to be made. From there, send them a payment collection link so that they can make payment. Our Software's logic guarantees that from the moment you hit submit through our Application your message is being processed and delivered at a near instant speed.


URL Payment Collection

We designed our system to not only work with but to enhance your current payment collection environment. If your customers already pay online through your website or through a third-party link, that is fine. Simply copy the URL hyperlink that contains your ACH form and paste it within the message box of the notification that you are planning to send out.

Real Time Confirmation

Okay, your message has been sent, so how do you know if your customer has received it? After you send out your SMS/Email Message you will be redirected over to a screen that displays the delivery status of your outgoing messages. For further clarification, our Reporting Module allows you to filter and see a complete breakdown of every message that you have sent.


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