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User Accounts

With everything that you have going on, it may be advantageous for you to have your employees handle the companies messaging services. Branch off and create multiple partner accounts with similar permissions to your primary admin account so that your employees can send out notifications.


Service Notifications

Now more than ever, end-users want and expect that their service providers issue them timely notifications. This is something that not only increases the trust between your business and your customers, but also creates a positive image about your business. That is why we recommend that you send out service reminders of when your agents plan on visiting and helping your customers.

Two-Way Communication

As we are all aware problems can come up at any time, even for your trained professionals out in the field. That is why we believe you should have the ability to both send and receive messages with your service agents at a moment's notice. Stay in direct contact with your employees so that you are the first to know when they begin to experience a problem.


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