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Below are some of the different features that BillTexting has to offer. Click on the icon buttons to find out more about the services that each feature provides.

Enhanced Messaging

We have designed the BillTexting portal so that our merchants are able to customize their messages to meet the exact needs of their customers. Below are some of the different available options we have for your unique messages.

Multi Media Messaging

Take your customer interaction to the next level by incorporating Multi-Media Messages. Our two-way communication feature allows you to send, receive, and store image files with your customers.

Landline Conversion

Our Application can identify whether a person's number is a landline or mobile number. If it is a landline number, our software will then convert the SMS message into a Voice Response message.

Two-Way Communication

Connect and create an interactive line of communication with your payees by accessing our Two-Way Communication feature under the actions tabs of the messaging modules.


Data Backup

Here at BillTexting we understand that backing up our customer's data is critical for assisting them in maintaining their company's integrity. Our system allows you quick and reliable access to every single notification that has been associated with your organization's portal(s).

Analytical Dashboard

BillTexting's comprehensive User Dashboard provides its users with a history of both the type and the number of notifications that have been sent out.

Real-Time Reporting

Our Reporting Module allows a merchant to see a Real-Time History of the notifications that they have sent out and the respective credentials associated with each notification.

One-On-One Storage

The BillTexting application not only stores messages but allows you to actively view each one-on-one conversation that has occured through your admin/employee portals.


User Experience

Enhance and streamline your experience by setting up additional BillTexting features. These features will not only improve your messaging capabilities, but they will also allow you to stand out against your competition.

API Integrations

Avoid the daunting task of data entry by integrating with our software's API. By doing this, our software will be able to pull relevant customer and employee data without you having to manually upload a CSV file.

Toll-Free Numbers

Add on additional textable Toll-Free Numbers to both decrease message latency and maximize the number of messages that your brand can send out.

White Labeling

Customize our portal with your brand. If you would like to have your version of the BillTexting portal feature your company’s logo, please notify our team during the installation process.


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